About Us

was created as a specialty business where clients can go to remove unwanted body hair in the fastest, most efficient method possible. We use soft wax instead of hard wax, which is becoming more common and easier to use for the Brazilian and body waxing. We use an all natural, premium soft wax designed for sensitive skin, with natural antioxidants and provide an atmosphere that was designed to emulate the comfort of ones own home. If the client is comfortable and relaxed in our studio, they will be comfortable and relaxed during their service.

We provide the utmost attention to hygiene and cleanliness. Our waxing rooms are immediately cleaned after each service to ensure removal of any bacteria and impurities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail Julie Irey-Owner/Esthetician directly at waxme@centralcoastbrazilianwax.com.

We are locally owned and operated!