Waxing Frequently Asked Questions

How long must the hair be before I can get waxed?

A good length is between 1/4-1/2 inch long. This is normally 3 weeks of hair growth, if you are currently shaving.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for waxing so I am comfortable?

Yes. We recommend taking a few ibuprofen at least 30 minutes before your service. If you are a female client, try to schedule your waxing service the first 2 weeks after your cycle. Your sensitivity level is a lot less during this time. Avoid caffeine, as this can stimulate, making you more sensitive and may increase redness after waxing.

Can I still get waxed while being pregnant?

Yes. You might be a little more sensitive than usual, but there is no harm to you or that soon to be precious baby.

How long does a Brazilian wax take?

It usually takes us 10-15 minutes. The more you wax, the quicker your wax will be done.

How often should I wax?

We recommend every 4-6 weeks. By following this schedule, you should be a HAPPY CAMPER by your 2nd visit! That is what we want, a close to pain-free wax as possible!

Is it okay to shave between wax appointments?

No, we highly discourage shaving in between! Waxing slows down and reduces hair growth. Hair also grows out much thinner, thus making it easier to remove and less painful when getting waxed. Shaving just one time in between will invalidate all that is gained from waxing and can further irritate follicles, which can cause ingrown hair.

What’s the big deal about “Double-Dipping?”

Double-Dipping is a common practice in many unethical salons. To cut costs, they dip used waxing sticks repeatedly. This contaminates the entire wax container! At Wax Me!, our waxing sticks are dipped into sterile wax, applied to the client once and then immediately discarded. During a single wax session, lets just say we go through lots of wax sticks! Whatever service we are providing you with, we are very proud to say……..”WE NEVER DOUBLE DIP OUR STICKS!”

Are there any age restrictions on waxing?

If you are under the age of 18, your parent must sign a consent form, which we provide.

What can I expect afterwards?

The skin may be red for up to 24 hours and tender for up to a couple of days. This all depends on your skin’s sensitivity. The wax we use is designed for sensitive skin, therefore most people experience very little redness and irritation. We advise taking Ibuprofen to decrease inflammation and skin sensitivity.

Can I tan before or after my wax?

You should wait 48 hours before and after your wax to tan. You should never get a wax if you are sunburned. Waxing is a form of exfoliation and the very top layer of the skin could pull off or “lift” which is painful and can result in scabbing.